HIV is: Just a part of me is a campaign to provide information and inspiration to everyone living with HIV to enable them to make informed decisions about their health and live well throughout every stage of their life. That’s because with the right information, lifestyle and health choices, you can increase your chances for lifelong good health. Additionally, if you are on effective HIV treatment and have an undetectable viral load, you cannot pass on the virus through sexual activity. So whether you are newly diagnosed, have been living with HIV for many years, are a man, a woman, non-binary or don’t identify, you can enjoy lifelong good health with HIV today.

This website provides information on how HIV may affect your body as you age, what you can do to improve your overall health both now and in preparation for the future, things for you to consider if you would like to start a family as well as tools and tips to help you prepare for your next appointment. You can also hear real-life and inspirational stories from others at different stages of their HIV journey, sharing their views on what living with HIV means to them and how they have overcome challenges along the way. This website will not tell you what HIV is or about specific treatments or medicines. If you have questions relating to this, or are looking for a HIV test to confirm any suspicion, you should speak to your healthcare team.

You can ensure that HIV is just a part of you…and nothing more.

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